Tips for guide runners

How to become a guide runner 

If you’re considering guide running – getting started

  • If you are considering guiding a runner who is blind or visually impaired it is usual to feel apprehensive and doubt that you can do it. Don’t worry!  This is understandable and shows that you care and don’t want any accidents or mishaps to happen.  It is better to be apprehensive and careful than arrogant and unsafe.
  • If you think you can be of assistance, speak to the visually impaired/blind person. Let them know that if they require assistance or guiding, you are willing to give it a go.
  • Be honest with the person and talk to them about any worries or concerns you have about guide running. The guided runner may also have some anxieties.
  • It might be helpful to you as a guide runner to ask the person if they have any sight. Most people who are registered blind have some sight, for example, they may be able to see shapes, or might have some light or dark perception.
  • Although it is good to observe how other people guide, it is important that you and the guided runner find your own way of working together. Don’t try to guide like someone else – just be yourself!


The above video covers the theory section of our successful guide runner training; if you would like to participate in a practical session, which includes guided running in simulation spectacles and a blindfold as well as guiding others, please contact us by email:, via the webform on this website, or via our Facebook page.

Already a guide runner? Add your info to our private database so we can match you to a visually impaired person:

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