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The ONLY running event in Ireland where you run... blind!

'You just have to do this'

'Every runner should do this'

'Scary, but such an insight into what it takes to run blind'

'Inpired me to find out how to guide run'

'Loved it!'

'My second year, this was more challenging than last year, cannot wait for the next one'


Just a few of the comments post race this year.


Organising a unique event such as this is no mean feat.

It take months of planning, involves many agencies and various strands to bring it all together on the day.

NO-ONE involved in the organisation of Running Blind is paid for what they do - it is all organised on a volunteer basis.

ALL the proceeds of the event go directly to charity.


Many have already said they are looking forward to the next presentation.


WE NEED HELP to make it happen.










If you would like to help us, or just enquire about what is involved, please contact us:






Contact us:


Running Blind

17 Beechgrove


Co Antrim

BT38 8LQ


Tel: 07990 684255


Email: info@runningblind.org.uk

Running Blind 2016 was sponsored by:

Active Financial

41 Church Street,


County Down

BT34 3HN


2018 Organisers:


Tony Barclay

Debbie McVeigh

Adrian Boyd

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