Visually impaired and blind runners


The ONLY running event in Ireland where you run... blind!

Are you a visually impaired or blind person, either seeking to take up running or in need of a guide runner?




We have a database of qualified, friendly guide runners who are ready and willing to help YOU.


New runner just starting out?

Experienced runner seeking a guide to train with or for a specific event?


Wherever you are in Northern Ireland, we probably know of someone who can help you.


Just email us:

and we will put you in touch with someone who may be able to help you take up running, train or run at an event.


New to running? Feeling daunted? DON'T be!

Running without sight is not as hard as it sounds.

All of the guide runners in our database understand sight loss and how it affects running.

Many guide runners in NI are also qualified running coaches, able to coach you from the sofa to wherever you want to go - 5k, parkrun and beyond; it's YOUR decision!


Running is well recognised as an excellent way of improving physical and mental health, as well as improving social interaction and acceptance.



Join us!


Contact us:


Running Blind

17 Beechgrove


Co Antrim

BT38 8LQ


Tel: 07990 684255



Running Blind 2016 was sponsored by:

Active Financial

41 Church Street,


County Down

BT34 3HN

2018 Organisers:


Tony Barclay

Debbie McVeigh

Adrian Boyd

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